Custom Made Just For You

I love the idea of having a special piece of clothing made just for me, don't you?


I've always dabbled in sewing, but I've had no professional training and in fact, I have no clue how to read a real pattern. I create my pieces with a good old fashioned tape measure and a crayon, creating directly onto my fabric, to be honest! ha! My seams may not always be perfect and I do love raw edges, but I want you to absolutely LOVE what I've made you, both in the fit and the color palate/pattern, so we'll work together to create a special handmade piece of clothing for you. If you receive your pieces and they don't fit, I always offer to try again. I try to aim for a week or 2 to make and dye your custom piece.


When placing your order, you can "add a note" and include any info specific to the fit you'd like: waist, length, rise, etc. I'm always available for a chat on Instagram too!  

Here is my general size guide

XS 22/23 waist
Small 24/25 waist
Medium 26/27 waist
Large 28 waist
XL 30 waist
2XL 32/34 waist
3XL 35/36 waist
There’s about 8” of stretch in my fabric so if you’re borderline, order smaller 🤗
My general inseam is 32” with a raw edge that can easily be trimmed to your desired length. I can make a longer inseam, but you'll need to specify that in the note with your order 🤗

As for colors and patterns, Creatively, I work best with a general knowledge of what you like... For instance, "rainbows with mandalas & no hearts" "rainbow, heavy on the orange, and less greens", "mermaid colors, mushrooms & hearts" etc.  

Happy Custom Customers