XL Handmade Halter Dress

XL Handmade Halter Dress

One of a Kind 💝

My handmade halter style dresses are made of our stretchy cotton jersey fabric. These are a “step into” or pull on type of dress. 👗 

I’ve incorporated putting buttonholes on the back and making the neck string long enough so you can choose to tie it behind your neck or crisscross the back and tie. 

This XL measures:

31” waist
44” in the hip area
21” in skirt length and a total length from collarbone to the bottom 32”

If you prefer the skirt shorter, it can easily be trimmed, because the bottom edge is left raw and has a natural roll 👗

As with all my Handmade items, if you get this home and it doesn’t fit, just let me know! 💖